Weird Love

by Father Figure

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released March 10, 2017

written/recorded at home by father figure



all rights reserved


Father Figure West Chester, Pennsylvania

sean - guitar/voice

matt - guitar/voice

dev - drums

tara - bass

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Track Name: Hereafter
so it seems we're going down again
we're on our way to exit
express that there's nothing on your mind, i'm honored
when you departed, did you feel fine?
did you find all the answers?
did it feel like you left something behind?
chase after

better days, i think of them, but they don't make me feel better
i'll get away, and say i'm not damaged
i'll act like i'm not who i was before

so it seems we're making our way again
let's imagine it means nothing
i'm reading the letters you never sent, hereafter

waiting for a better day

so now i gaze
i sit and wonder, am i still your favorite sweater?
i'll get away, and say i'm not damaged
i'll act like i'm not who i was before

i'm not who i was before
Track Name: Flat on My Face
you could never say that i was just your getaway
those days are nothing more then memories
i stayed, but it wasn't me

i will never try to say i was ever anything
i always played the part
you'd pull me in it
we're always coming back, and you knew it

it wasn't wrong, but i'm falling flat on my face
yeah, it was never wrong
i'm pretending that there's something left to save
but you found a way better then me

i've been spending time trying to fix this broken head of mine
been spending way too many days in my bed
been trying to think of ways for me to forget

and i was forcing myself to get away

there's a million things i'm finding out
they're all the reasons i can never turn around
spending the year with my eyes out

you found a way better than me
Track Name: Bailey
i've been trying to find the words to say
that i did all of the things i could as a friend

but i adjust to recollect
the last burdens i'll never forget

when can we look, and own up to everything
cause god, we wasted so much time

and we need space and time like the planetarium in high school
the freedom to be the people we've always wanted to be

and we need to get in line or get out quick
Track Name: You Wish
and i don't know what more we can do
we both lied to ourselves
are we coming to light?
and i don't know how much i've got left
but we're running our heads in the ground till we know

and i know that you think that you're right
but i always defy
why're you going to quick?
and i know that you're fine, but i'm still on my own
and i'm struggling

and i know that you'd like me to light up myself, but i can't
so can you come back home?
and i know that you wish that i'd write about anything else -
but i can't, so i won't

and you're fighting that part of yourself
then you said something else
you were running towards me
then you went off and found someone i couldn't be
and i'm struggling

i'm still stuck in a daze
i've been waiting to say something like
"hey, cant we meet at my place? there's some words that i'd still like to say"
Track Name: Running out Around
looks like we almost traded
and tried but i delayed it
summer's still coldest at dawn

this time i'll stay committed
leave out the scars of hidden
cuts made from passing it off

we're changing
that's human
it's high time

running out around the opening
missed the part where i would have to stay

did it happen?
am i making it all up?

pissed off, the kind i respect
friends of friends nevertheless
now i just keep digging holes
Track Name: Slow Motion
you were locked before
yeah, now it's been years of searching -
to find a seam that opens your soul

i swore i'd never leave it
not sure if you believe it
you said you liked it better this way

i was waiting for a sign
you told me things would be alright
i was giving into time
i was walking the maze while you were running away

you were locked before
now it's me who's in slow motion
i think i need to open myself

we were right before, feelings lost
then i was crawling while you were touching somebody else

you were rain engulfing sun
i plead to stay, but you were done
you were buying, i was sold
a perfect warm, while i'm left cold
i was giving into time
i was grasping to long, when you were already gone
Track Name: When You're Away
i know how you want me to feel when you're away
lock me out, then find me again
i can't stay
you knew that i'd want it back, but i can't understand your lack of...
leave me where you want me to be when you're away

when you're away i feel fine
when you're home i feel grey
put me down and try to hide me
promise that you'll never find me
what we were stays hidden always

i know how you started to feel when you were away
i can't seem to find a new day
you couldn't care - what'd you say?

i know how you want me to feel when you're away
Track Name: Weird Love
I'll wait, I'll wait for you to come back
I'll wait, I'll wait till I feel bad
I'll wait, I'll wait while you're still crying sad

Hate your weird love cause I don't understand
I think we're friends but she's the worst
There, I said it
And it feels like the cost isn't worth all the time
So you should get up and go
But it's your choice

Wake up for me and just work on what we're not
Or give up on me and just fade away like the reasons in your mind
Track Name: Come Around
hey, come be these eyes in me
fine, pretend you're gone
be free

but you were here then you went away
we'll never feel the same
then you come around and you don't know what to say
i'll never take the blame
you walked the longer way home

i didn't know how far we'd go
close your eyes
feel mine, they glow

i said "you see, i feel like i've lost everything. i'm lost, won't you find me?"
Track Name: On and On
on and on, i sleep until my eyes burn out
the way around a sunset
is the rumble and the sound

on and on, the raining side of every cloud
fills up the pail of conquest
fills in the empty crowd

i'll say it now
Track Name: Apple
can hear a wing bending away
assured you're migrating
the only shape i keep seeing is a circle bound by a name

and we're always moving away
and we're always saving face, but i'm just following your lead

i might have lost the key
you're the apple of my eye

keep flipping through to the wrong page
the one with that holy phrase
patient only to the point of guessing you'd sooner or later agree